What We Do

We are a holistic counseling center bridging traditional mental health counseling with alternative health solutions and Christian based principals of healing.

We are dedicated to empowering clients with natural solutions, tools, resources & innovative counseling techniques.

Energy Healing & Innovative Counseling

Natural remedies & treatments meant to promote healing, positive energy & conflict resolution.

Individual Therapy

Delve into problem areas and obstacles to wholeness. Sessions are goal focused and specific to each individual. Mind-body-spirit therapies are used to treat the whole person.

Couples & Family Therapy

Whole families systems and changing patterns are the focus of therapy. Christian principals are encouaraged for healing.

Therapy for Kids

Giving kids the opportunity to learn important skills to thrive & experience healing through play therapy. Learn basic energy techniques to help empower kids.

Classes & Workshops

Knowledge to empower & teach all ages the basics of energy holistic healing methods. Very powerful!!

Group Sessions

On-going support and interpersonal growth to group members. An affordable way to receive treatment in a way that is illuminating and powerful. Skill based and informative, therapeutic and helpful.

Latter-day Saints Counseling

Spiritual based therapy to increase hope, power, speed & faith of healing. Experience the power of prayer, meditation, love, God’s word, service & living closer to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.