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What is Muscle Testing?

WHOLE HEALTH PLUS uses Muscle Testing We use muscle testing as an assessment tool to determine interferences to goals, wholeness, health, happiness, prosperity & healthy, loving relationships. Muscle Testing is also used to assess which techniques or resources are...

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Why do Children need holistic counseling?

Like us, children need balance of mind, body and spirit, direction and help in their lives. So where do we start? We focus on what is deficient or scarce in children at the time - what they need to include more of and what issues are pressing at the time. Then when...

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing like it's name uses energy to promote healing. Energy is movement. When energy slows down, gets stuck or confined we experience low energy, sickness or changes in mood. We have all heard of positive high energy & negative low energy. Energy healing...

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