WHOLE HEALTH PLUS uses Muscle Testing

We use muscle testing as an assessment tool to determine interferences to goals, wholeness, health, happiness, prosperity & healthy, loving relationships.

Muscle Testing is also used to assess which techniques or resources are most helpful & specific to your needs. Clients can choose whether they want counselor to test muscles (touching arm, shoulder, ankle/foot etc.) or self-muscle test (no touching).


MUSCLE TESTING: a form of applied kinesiology meant to help diagnose & resolve subtle imbalances disrupting your health or keeping you from reaching your goals.

Muscle Testing tests muscle reaction when acted upon by internal or external processes. Muscles become indicators or visuals (like this computer screen) of what is going on inside your body during applications.

When something is in harmony or good for your body/mind/soul, muscles stay strong. When something is not in harmony or good for your body/mind/soul, muscle strength will diminish.

Therefore in muscle testing we apply light pressure to test muscle strength with a variety of applications to see what strengthens your muscles & what weakens your muscles. It becomes a visual manifestation of what is good (healthy) or bad (unhealthy) for you.

Muscle testing is intuition on training wheels. We believe that each individual knows intuitively, using their higher power, what it is that’s holding them back. When our body (including muscles) and spirit (inner wisdom or intuition) talk to us, it is often subtle. The more we pay attention to how our body & muscles react to a choice, belief or activity, the more our intuition & ability to know what’s best for us grows.

Muscle Testing, by accessing your deepest wisdom, offers you what you may have overlooked or not thought of consciously. It helps you pin point specific areas of need in your life & keeps you from searching endlessly for the right treatment for you. Therefore it can save you time and money trying everything. It will help you say “Yes” to what is good or true for you and say “NO” to what is not.

Disclaimer: Like all other tests, muscle testing has its issues with accuracy & reliability. With practice and the right conditions, accuracy & reliability increase & it can be a very effective way to help find energy blockages, identify interference’s with good health and other personal or professional goals as well as find the right treatment specific to your body/mind/soul. However it is not meant to replace other forms of testing & proper medical care. It is also not meant to future cast or predict future events.

Muscle testing is very present focused and the right treatment needs to be checked each time before using to insure it is still the most effective (highest & best) in solving problems and reaching goals at that time. Sometimes what is highest & best for us has not yet presented itself to us or depends on some one else’s choices, therefore some times we must wait before we get a clear muscle test/answer to our problem. This is why intuition, prayer, research, seeking, meditation, & staying close to God & Holy Ghost can really complement muscle testing by listening to what the future may hold.

THERE are several rules and conditions for more accurate muscle testing.

Permission Rule

1) You must get permission to muscle test!! Often this needs explanation on at least two levels: a) The conscious level & b) a person’s energetic level.

Let them know more about muscle testing if needed (on a conscious level). Let them know you are testing to help them figure out a problem & to help not hurt them (on an energetic level).

Two Finger Rule

2) Only apply light pressure (two fingers) on any muscle when testing. The object is not to push, wrestle or pull a muscle so remember light pressure & BREATHE as you are tested & testing. Sometimes it is helpful to hold the opposite shoulder or muscle to make sure there is no recruiting from other muscles. Also it is helpful for subject to close eyes while being tested.

Explain that when you say “Hold” they are to hold their muscle (not their breath) for about 2 seconds with the same pressure you give them. Ask the question before saying “Hold” not during or after the question. Opposite muscles can to be checked (i.e. both arms, legs, etc.) to increase reliability.

Water Rule

3) Hydration is absolutely essential for effective muscle testing. You can ask them if they are hydrated or to pull a piece of hair. If muscle goes weak they must have water to insure reliability! Check hydration regularly during muscle testing!!

Circuits in the Clear Rule

4) Muscles must be just right – not too strong, |too weak, or blocked for circuits to be clear for testing. This means you will regularly need to check for and ask “Are all circuits in the clear and un-blocked?” to insure accurate testing.

Also have them touch below their clavicle bones & test muscle if strong or weak. If it is weak, then message this area known in Brain Gym as Brain Buttons until muscle is strong while holding these points/Brain Buttons.

When or if energy is not blocked then we must check for strong & weak muscles to get a sense of their baseline.

We must have a base line and be clear on what their strong muscle looks like and what does their relaxed muscle looks like before starting any applications. You will check this by asking to see a strong/switched on muscle followed by a weak/relaxed muscle as you apply light pressure. (i.e. “Show me a strong muscle, think of something positive and Hold.” “Show me a relaxed muscle, think of something negative and Hold.”)

Explain that a strong muscle is a yes answer and a weak muscle is a no answer. Then ask them to “Show me a Yes, Hold” (Strong) “Show me a No, Hold” (Weak). Finally show them an example of circuits being on versus off. Use your hand to flush down the center of body then test for a weak muscle. Use your hand to flush up the center of body then test for a strong muscle.

Trouble Shooting

What makes a muscle too strong/over energized? (i.e. over stimulated, counter-transference, anxiety, shock) Try tapping/EFT, meridian flushes, yoga or breathing/relaxing.

How do you tell if it’s muscle too strong? (i.e. feels like a wrestling match, muscle won’t budge, sense nervous energy/anxiety, every question is followed by a strong muscle.) Talk about stressors, worries in life or about muscle testing.

What makes a muscle too weak/under energized? (i.e. stress – circuits blown, no water/food, etc,) Drink water, rest, try testing a different muscle, message muscle.

How do you tell that a muscle is too weak? (i.e. won’t hold, falls easily with light pressure, muscle keeps dropping on every question) Talk about stressors, anxieties, injuries or needs.

What makes a muscle blocked? (i.e. a belief, shame, fear, anxiety, circuits off) Try EFT/tapping, talking about fears, test different muscle.

How do you tell a muscle or circuit that is blocked? It can be either strong or weak but to a more intense level (i.e. no clarity, inconsistent answers, confusion, high strung/ over energized, stressed, spaced out/not in the present).

Ways to help muscles work just-right/making circuits clear: (i.e. WATER, ask client to un-block, tap/use E.F.T., figure 8/ flush down or up, brain buttons/hook ups, cross/bilateral crawl, back/bladder points, more explanation/processing, rest, eye rolls w/affirmations, yoga, chakra/reiki balances, etc.)

Present (Here & Now) Rule:

5). We all must be centered, grounded and present to perform accurate muscle testing (both the tester and the tested). We can check to see if our own circuits are in the clear first (as listed above – #4) as well as take time to clear our minds.

Then we must check if we are in the present as our selves. To do this muscle test each other or yourselves while saying “I am (your name) here and now”. If your muscle stays strong this means you are present and ready to start. If muscle is unable to hold with light pressure this means you will need to come back to the moment. You might need eye rotations while repeating “I am (your name) hear and now” or you may have to test to see where or who you are at that moment and resolve any issues related to that time/person/event.

Test again after the intervention to make sure you test strong in the present. Then say: I am (Danelle/someone else) here and now. This test should indicate a weak muscle. If it strong, feel free to find out whose energy you involved in, or just ask your mind/energy/soul to come back to your body and be fully present in the here and now. You also may need cross crawl, hook ups or another Brain Gym exercise.

Truth Rule

6) In order to have accurate testing is imperative that we seek & value truth, intuition, inner wisdom & God’s superior knowledge over what we want to hear or think should happen.

Seduction and desperation reduce muscle testing accuracy. We must be impartial and willing to get whatever answer is truly in our best interest. We must be okay if we get a certain answer & okay if we don’t & okay if we have to wait & okay if we have to do something challenging.

Focus on the question rather than possible outcomes of the testing. We may think a certain answer will be best for us because we are being seduced or we are afraid to have to wait, try something else or go through what we need.

Sometimes muscle testing is better when an objective person tests us silently or we use number lists instead of words. What we must be sure to ask each time is the question: “Is the body willing to tell the truth via muscle testing?”

If the answer is “No” then we must identify any reason for hiding the truth such as shame/embarrassment, counter transference & trust issues with our tester, anxiety or guilt, fear we may be crazy, etc. We must reassure the client that this is a safe place to tell the truth meaning you won’t judge, shame, or insult.

We also need to find out what other consequences for telling the truth might happen and address these as compared to hiding the truth & not healing parts that need to be healed through the truth. Think often “The truth will set you free” although the journey may be hard and uncomfortable, the process will be worth it.

Occasionally you will get supernatural interference because of the nature of truth. There are many wanting to deceive you in order to keep you from healing, truth, wholeness and joy in life.

There are certain times when you have inconsistent answers that it becomes necessary to muscle test for deception, seduction or seducing entities. We would ask “Is their deception on the goal” or “Are you running any seductions? (temptations, enticements, illusions, etc) Are there supernatural entities trying to deceive you?”.

You may also want to include a prayer before muscle testing.You can say: “In the presence of God and the white light we command the truth.” Or more informally, pray to be freed from seductions, addictions, perceptions, ideals, deceit, desperation, supernatural interference, deceit, limiting beliefs, limiting identities, shame, doubt, fear, anger, negative emotions, deceiving spirits/entities, Satan, etc. before muscle testing.

Feel free to pray for clarity, intuition, truth, what’s highest and best for you, patience, understanding, sensitivity, humility, surrender, indifference, un-attachments, etc.

The goal is to get to the bottom of the issue and find the truth, then have the courage to follow God and your soul’s deepest wisdom. If you don’t follow your truth why would your body & soul keep speaking to you?

You may have to make amends with your body before it tells you the truth so it knows it can trust you. You may also have to ask if your God switch is turned on meaning your intuition and inner light from God is on to help you recognize truth.

Also consider how to be more neutral & open to what ever is best.

Touch For Health

Touch for Health is great for learning how to test a variety of muscles. For more info, visit their website by clinking on link below.

It is often helpful to test and balance all 14 Muscles from Touch for Health.

  1. Ask if all 14 Muscles are in the clear.
  2. Touch spots on front of body then test arm (if any spot goes weak, rub back/spine/bladder points)
  3. Muscle test all 14 muscles. 9 arm tests & 5 leg tests, balance as needed.

Self- muscle testing

O-ring (thumb and fourth or thumb and first finger)

Snap/middle finger (stuck vs. snapping)

Thumb rub with first finger (stuck versus glide)

Crossed fingers (fingernail stuck versus glide) or push down with index finger

Standing tilt (move forward and backward)

Leg/knee push (hold vs. weak)

Arm hold (strong vs. relaxed)

Indicator mode (muscle relaxes with most appropriate application)

RULES TO MUSCLE TESTING (abbreviated form)

1) PERMISSION TO TEST RULE: (explain Muscle Testing & Discuss any questions/concerns/injuries.)

2) TWO FINGER RULE (Light pressure while saying “Hold” & Encouraging breathing & eyes closed)
(Testing baseline) Show me a Strong (Yes/Positive) Muscle. Show me a Relaxed (No/Negative) Muscle.

3) HYDRATION RULE (Water Test)
Are you hydrated? (Tug/Pull hair and hold muscle)

Are your circuits in the clear and un-blocked?

Are you _________ Here and Now?

Is your Body willing to tell the truth via Muscle Testing?
Are you running any seductions?


  1. Highest Priority Goal: (Yes, Yes and some changes, No – (something better to work on), Wait.)
  2. Body Parts effected by rated level of discomfort. (What parts? Rate each part on 1-10 scale of pain)
  3. Interference on the Goal: Is it A) Mental B) Emotional C) Physical D) Spiritual E) Supernatural F) Family, Tribal/Ancestral G) Interpersonal/Social H) More Resources or Skills I) More research and/or time?
  4. Best treatment or resource for specific goal (Where do we start? Is the best treatment …?)

Danelle learned muscle testing as a new mother trying to discover the needs & wants of her colicky son. This tool is a great way to identify what we & others need when language or memory eludes us or we are confused about choices.