Energy Healing like it’s name uses energy to promote healing. Energy is movement. When energy slows down, gets stuck or confined we experience low energy, sickness or changes in mood. We have all heard of positive high energy & negative low energy.

Energy healing uses positive high energy (i.e. love & hope). to combat negative low energy (i.e. fear & doubt).

Everything has energy which means everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Higher frequency vibrations are often “unseen” energy forms such as spirit. Lower frequency vibrations are often “seen” energy in the form of matter.

Energy healing uses higher frequency vibrations (i.e. prayer & meditation). to combat lower frequency vibrations (i.e. sickness & confusion).

Energy healing in it’s many forms has a powerful effects. Like the power of electricity we can not see the power of energy unless it manifests itself in things. An unseen “life force energy” flows through us and causes us to be alive, healthy and powerful.

Sometimes this “life force energy” slows down especially when we allow too many lower frequency vibrations to permeate us. Our sickness, fear and low energy is a sign that we need to reconnect with the source of this “life force energy” to replenish and increase our energy. We call the source and giver of our “life force energy ” GOD. He, with His infinite source of love & positive energy can give us or lead us to all the replenishing we need.

Energies effect on Muscles.

Our body has an electrical system which conducts impulses back and forth to our brain and muscles. Testing & moving muscles is one of the ways we witness electrical impulses & “life force energy” at work. When our electric circuits blow from too much stress, our muscles will get too tense & too weak.

The way internal & external influences effect muscles is a great way to see the power & effect of positive and negative energy.

A positive energy will strengthen our electrical system and our muscles, a negative energy will weaken our electrical system and our muscles.

The environment (with all it’s electromagnetic waves), the stress from our busy lives & the people who drain us, all take a toll on our energetic or electrical system. When it gets too drained or beat upon, like broken wires in a storm or a blown circuit, our electrical system shuts down.

We call that tired, exhausted, being out of it, non-functioning, fuzzy, in a daze, spaced out, sick or completely knocked out. Our body is shutting down to protect itself from any more stress and battering. It is a sign that we need to stop and get some type of energy to “recharge our battery”.

Ways to energize our body

As stated above, God is the ultimate source of energy, to whom we can go to anytime for a recharge. Communion through meditation, prayer, worship, loving service, feasting on His words, & experimenting with faith (trying out His words) are some of the best ways to replenish our positive energy & outlook.

God also has given us many tools which I call energy medicine because they use energy as medicine to promote healing, wellness & positive attitudes. Many of these tools are free & easy to find (these I call God’s gifts to us). Other tools take time, money & work to find & use (these I call God’s rewards).

Some of God’s free gifts of energy healing include Jesus (the Atonement), Love Breathing, Sleep, Touch, Gems, Water, Sunlight, Minerals, Seeds, Colors, Music, Flowers, Forgiveness, plus much more.

Sleep is one of the best and cheapest ways of recharging our electrical system. It gives our body a chance to rest and regenerate necessary components of energy. Breathing gives us the chance to expel old energy and receive new vibrant energy to all parts of our body. Water, is an powerful conductor of electricity, and can help restart our body and brain in an amazing way. Food also gives us energy because our body breaks down the proteins into amino acids & then into neurotransmitters which give electrical signals and commands. These powerful chemicals are a necessary component to electrical impulses in our body.

Energy Healing also known as Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, etc. not only uses traditional methods to increase positive energy (i.e. sleep, water, food, exercise, rest, positive thinking, boundaries with negative people) but also uses alternative methods to increase positive energy and unblock any stuck energy (acupressure and tapping, essential oils, message, meditation, prayer, colors, music, crystals, cleanses, yoga, tai chi, etc. ).

How stuck energy can effect us

According to Chinese medicine, stuck energy is one of the main reasons for all sickness and lack of well being. Any time we feel stuck, trapped, victimize, in fear, in shock, terrorized, etc. we don’t move far. Remaining a victim and in fear robs us freedom, hope, development, motivation and energy.

Energy Healing is about removing or setting boundaries with anything that causes your energy to be stuck or blocked and about adding anything that improves your energy, good health and motivation.

Energy is the key to moving towards wholeness and your life mission. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of happiness & wellness.

Examples of some forms of energy healing include but are not limited to:
Reiki/Chakra balances, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Color Therapy, Feng Shui, Sound Healing, Gems, EFT/Acupressure, Brain Gymnastics

More about Energy Healing: A small lesson in Physics and Energy

Everything vibrates or resonates at different speeds and intensities creating energy. The molecules in chairs vibrate so slowly that appears the chair is not moving. In contrast, molecules in smoke vibrate at such high frequencies that you can see it move very fast and then not at all (molecules break away and join the molecules in the air).

Slower frequencies tend to appear still, dense and grounded. Higher frequencies tend to appear light, fast and elusive. When acted upon, molecules will vibrate differently causing transformation to occur. Heat makes ice molecules vibrate faster thus turning ice to water then to steam.

Electromagnetic radiation is classified into types according to frequency of the wave, these types include (in order of increasing frequency): radio waves (longest, slowest waves), microwaves, terahertz radiation, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays (shortest, fastest waves). All waves move energy but some waves can be too much energy and destroy or damage our cells.

A small window of frequencies, called visible spectrum or light, is sensed by the eye of various organisms. All waves (seen or unseen) affect us in a positive or negative way, relaxing or stimulating. helpful or damaging.

Perverse energies

Everything has energy because everything vibrates. When the energy in your body vibrates and flows naturally, all is well. Because of the world we live in, perverse energies such as environment toxins, electromagnetic waves, stress, trauma, loss, abuse, hate, negativity, natural disasters, UV rays, pathogens, unhealthy relationships, artificial foods, hazards wastes, chemicals, etc. can disrupt or block the natural flow and vibration of our body’s energy systems.

These perverse energies resonate at frequencies that create chaos and imbalance within our magnetic field. In Chinese medicine, doctors call this energy disruptions meridian blockages. A meridian is like a big lake or center of energy where energy flows in and out of. When energy can not flow or vibrate like it is suppose to than symptoms or damage occurs. The worst being a heart attack, stroke, cancer, nerve damage, etc.

Usually little changes in vibration or energy flow is not noticed by the un-trained eye. Normally by the time we notice imbalances, we are experiencing major symptoms such as disease, sickness, pain, discomfort, or mental and emotional anguish. This is why we teach muscle testing and acupressure because they are great tools in assessing subtle shifts in energy before symptoms get really bad. (Talk about being proactive!!)

When trained in feeling vibrating pulses, one can notice when congruent pulses are not vibrating at the same rate. Simple heat from touch for about 1 – 5 minutes will reestablish vibration to it’s normal rate for functioning.

We also identify through muscle testing perverse energy of specific unhealthy beliefs, relationships, activities, traumas, pathogens, etc. that are interfering with proper energy flow so that we can remove, counteract or deactivate the perverse energy. There are generally more than one causes of energetic imbalances. Thus we treat the whole person and look at a myriad of possibilities for disruption of health instead of just hyper focusing on one cause.

Energizing our immune system

We always look for ways to strength the immune system and support the body’s natural healing system. Prayer, forgiveness, antioxidants and essential oils for example have such high frequency that it can take only minutes to jump start the body into healing. I have seen on film a cancer cell turning into a normal cell just by making changes to what was put in and taken out of our bodies & lives. This is what makes Energy Healing so amazing and powerful.

Thus we must always think and act upon putting in good energy that promotes good health and getting out bad energy that disrupts good health. Practice breathing in fresh air and breathing out stagnant air and negative emotions. Use water to help move out toxins and help your energy to flow. Hope and pray as the catalyst to move and unblock negative energy. Use plants and flower essences to enliven and give more energy to a room or a body.

You have more power and helpful resources than you know. Now is the time to really enjoy life, fulfill your soul mission and achieve your dreams.

ANOTHER GREAT EXPLANATION OF ENERGY HEALING in the form of Quantum Touch quoted from this website:

Resonance & entrainment of frequencies

“Everything vibrates. When two things vibrate at slightly different frequencies, there is a tendency for the vibrations to come together. Most often, the slower vibration will rise to match the faster frequency. There are many kinds of examples of entrainment: over time, similarly tuned electric oscillators will match frequencies; disembodied animal hearts when placed near each other and kept alive in a lab will all beat in unison; and when women share a dormitory, over months they will often start menstruating at the same time.

Quantum-Touch uses resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. The practitioner learns to raise his or her vibration and create a high level of energy. If that energy field is placed around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, that part of the body will entrain to the higher frequency and allow one’ s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

When the practitioner holds a high vibration field of life-force energy around an affected area, she or he facilitates healing through the process of resonance and entrainment.

Using entrainment thru touch

Quantum-Touch actually provides healing energy for the practitioner as well as for the person seeking healing. Using Quantum-Touch breathing and body awareness exercises, the practitioner can hold an extraordinarily high vibration, influencing the person in need of healing to match the vibration of the practitioner. The practitioner will not become drained from doing the work. Most often, the practitioner feels emotionally uplifted as a result!

Using entrainment thru intention

Show people that they can actually dramatically change the taste of wine by directing energy into it; we’re definitely affecting the very physics and chemistry of matter. I see that in the future, when research has been done, life force energy will be appreciated as being real … and powerfully impacting physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology. Our world will forever be different as people realize that their love has impact and their love has value.

Body is self-healing

Healing is a fascinating process which is generally very poorly understood. While many people think they can heal other people, it is of utmost importance to realize that all healing is self-healing. Ultimately, cells heal themselves. Cells desire to be well, and given the right energetic, emotional and nutritional environments, they will do just that. The body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself.

Entrainment through thought and love

Dr. Norman Shealy wrote “Energy really does follow thought. Our love has more impact than anyone knows, and when you learn to direct the life-force energy, the possibilities are truly extraordinary.

DNA, molecules, cells, tissue, organs and even the position of bones all respond to the powerful vibration of our love as expressed through the life-force energy that comes through our hands. Hands-on healing is real, natural, and an easily learned, basic human skill that clearly shows us that our love is far more wondrous and powerful than any of us know.”

Healing work is all about love, and the practitioner learns to hold a vibratory field of this love. To clarify my terms, when I say “ love,” I am not speaking in the traditional sense of the sort of love that a mother has for a child, a husband for a wife, or about a winged cherub with a bow and arrow. I’m speaking of a more basic form of love – one that is more innate and intrinsic. This love is the essential nature of your being
that comes through your hands regardless of your mood.

Your fundamental, instinctive, and most basic energy is that of love. You don’ t have to work at it – it is who you are. As a rock does not have to try to be more “ rock-like” and water does not have to try to be wetter, we do not have to try to have more essence of love. We can, however, endeavor to acknowledge how much love there really is.” (excerpts from Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch in his website)


Power versus Force by David Hawkins, PhD

David Hawkins travelled the world over to assess, through muscle testing, the relative levels of power or energy in different emotions, philosophies, organizations, etc. What he came up with is what he calls the Map of Consciousness –a calibrated ladder of emotions, concepts and ideas from lowest to highest vibration. He says that just reading this book will raise the average reader’s baseline level of consciousness by 35 points. Most importantly it will teach you what emotions are good for you and which emotions will drain you.

There is a spiritual solution to every problem by Wayne Dyer, PhD